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About Us

                        Welcome to our website and to the world of diamonds.The whole empire of diamonds is build on trust and our company “A &A Brothers Exports “ensures trust by dealing and trading only with certified diamonds worldwide. Here we trade diamonds in ethical way of trading with utmost discipline and transparency. We bring happiness to the heart and satisfaction to the soul.

                       We, at “A&A Brothers Exports“, feel proud to announce that we export cut and polished diamonds of various cut, clarity and carat sizes from India, the land for cutting and polishing diamonds. India has become undisputed world leader in cut and polished diamond exports, polishing nearly 1 billion stones each year by over 5 million workers. Indian diamond cutters and polishers, in addition to their inherent skills and artistry, they add value to each and every diamond by maximizing its yield and providing the best cut.

                       Our company is committed to do business with other wholesale dealers of cut and polished diamond and also directly to end consumers across the globe. If any gentleman/women needs single stone, few stones then they also contact us and we dedicatedly deal with it the same way we deal with large number of stones. We know dedication brings up high to our trade.

                        We at “A &A Brothers Exports “ carefully select the quality of diamonds taking into consideration many parameters like Cut,Clarity,Colour,Carat,Brilliance ,Lustre,Sparkle ,Fire ,Fluorescence, Polish , Symmetry and proportion grades of the diamond such as Average Girdle Diameter, Total Depth, Table Size, Crown Height, Crown Angle ,Girdle and Pavilion Depth etc.

                        Finally, we at “A &A Brothers Exports “assure you, we deal only with natural diamonds and not with treated or synthetic diamonds. We build relationships more than business.